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This workshop is an excellent way to start your journey into the world of Complementary Therapies. Covering aspects of Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology, we will give you all of the essential knowledge and skills needed to help you to choose the right pathway for you to develop.

A career in Complementary Therapy not for you? That’s fine too, as you will pick up simple skills during the workshop to use at home with family and friends.

This is an ideal starting point for anyone considering a career in Complementary Therapies, giving you a unique insight into what further studies will involve. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy the day and feel inspired to take that next step and join one of our diploma programmes.

No previous experience is required

Course programme

The day will include both theory and practical elements and is split into 4 parts. The final short session of the day will focus on what to expect from a diploma level course.


  • Brief introduction to history and concept
  • 3 commonly used essential oils and their uses
  • Mixing and blending
  • How to use the oils; massage, inhalation, baths, products
  • Safety information
  • Massage
  • Brief introduction to history and concept
  • Using a massage oil
  • Practical demonstration and participation in simple massage technique
  • Safety information
  • Reflexology
  • Brief introduction to history and concept
  • Reading and mapping the feet
  • Demonstration and participation; Reflexology techniques
  • Safety information
  • Further training
  • The diploma courses, what to expect
  • The core modules and assessments
  • How to choose the right training school for you
  • Questions and answers


  • Course Costs: £60
  • Course venue: Rudding Park, Golf Observatory, Harrogate
  • Course Date: November 27th 2020 09.30am to 04.30pm


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